Erasmus Page.

The College “Camillo Golgi” is one of the ten Colleges managed by EDiSU (a special agency of the University of Pavia that is in charge of all the activities for the so called “right of study”). It is titled to prof. Camillo Golgi, the Nobel Prize for the Medicine, professor of Histology and Pathology and Rector of the University of Pavia.
The buildings were realised between 1975 and 1977 and it is located in the north-west part of the town, next to the Physic and Medicine Departments and the Sport Facilities managed by the CUS. The College can be easily reached from the railway station and from the motorway Milano – Genova; the College has a big parking reserved to the students and the guests upon request.
The College has 327 single rooms (with bathroom) where students attending different degree courses, Ph. D. students, postgraduate students coming from different Countries, not only Italy, live together sharing their experiences and culture. Students of the University of Pavia can require accommodation in the college through an application published in the institutional website of EDiSU ( Erasmus Students can have more information at the CAS Office (
The College manages cultural events (open to the town) and supervision activities to support the academic studies. The College is a place where the students help each other to improve as Men and Women, pushing themselves to success in the study and in the social life. The Golgi’s Teams take part in the InterCollege Competition, managed every year from the CUS.
The College offers some rooms (single and double) in Building 1 and 4 for visiting professor e academic staff; these rooms can be reserved writing to the Administrative Office ( or to the Presidency of EDiSU (


Structures and services.

The College is made up of 6 buildings, numbered from north to south. The Common Facilities (2 laundries, 5 study rooms, library, gym, TV room and Common room) are at the ground floor of each building; they are open to all the persons living in the Collegio. The buildings are surrounded by a large garden and a courtyard with pic-nic tables and a parking area (for cars and bicycles – students’). Each student is provided with a wireless internet access in all the Collegio.
The Common Facilities are open every day, from 8.00 to 24.00, expecting for cleaning and events or meetings, that will be communicated by the Office. The Vending machines for food and beverages are in the Library and Common Room.
The students and guests have to respect the Rules of the College Community and of the College; the needs of the students have the priority. The students have to collaborate with the staff of the Collegio to guarantee the good functioning and to manage the cultural and sportive events.
The cultural and sportive activities are set up and managed with the hard-working partnership of the Students Committee, 8 students elected every year to support the Director in the organization of the Life of the College (